Why is User Generated Content so important right now?

So 2020 was just getting started and before we all knew it the world was in lockdown and all live action film projects have been halted and many communications projects shelved for the foreseeable. But despite the current constraints, there is an alternate communications solution that many are tuning to, and that is User Generated Content.

Now, user generated content is nothing new and we’ve certainly produced our fair share in the past, but right now user generated content is really coming into its own in a remarkable way. Helping to lift spirits and joining people together like never before. It’s not just a great communications solution but it offers a way for your team to feel connected and to come together in creating something meaningful, something in turn they are likely to take pride in and even share online.

Instead of spending thousands of pounds on a high production values vanity film which only a handful of people might share and engage with, this generally low budget alternative of using user generated content has the potential to gain a far larger organic reach as you will already have a team of contributors ready and waiting to see and share the results.

There are many purposes right now for UGC. Perhaps your film is to update staff and clients on the current situation, to boost team morale and promote company culture. Maybe it’s a fun way to share advice on working from home, or tips on combating loneliness and mental health issues.

As the majority of us now have a smart phone it’s also easier than ever to gather content from individuals regardless of geographical content.

And user generated content doesn’t have to be restricted to just smart phone selfie images or footage, the more ambitious out there might want to use a tripod, external microphone or even a drone to gather content.

But before you go and ask everyone to film themselves, it’s important to come up with a solid plan. You need to set rules and guidance that people can easily follow for continuity. Even then, let’s face it, there’s always going to be one person that doesn’t quite stick to the plan, so keep the idea and message simple and allow for flexibility.

In our experience, user generated  films work best when you integrate motion graphics and maybe use a graphical device to present the content in an interesting and professional looking way. Combining professional stock footage is also an option as it will allow you to break away from the user generated content and add a pro feel to the film.

Whilst user generated content is unlikely to be used as a sales tool it’s a great way to give insight into your brand, its employees and the culture. The best videos that make us of user generated content will appear authentic, honest but still have a good amount of polish and finesse.

Strong communication both internally and externally is more important than ever right now. It’s ESSENTIAL companies do all they can to boost morale, combat loneliness and update clients on activity. ‘User generated content’ is not only a great way to create genuine, honest content, but it actively involves staff to promote company culture and collaboration at a time it’s needed most.



Written by Andrew Sones

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