Bringing your brand to life: How animation can help you to connect with your audience

“With animation, we can create whole worlds where anything is possible.”

We’ve all had a fair share of adjusting to contend with recently; none more so than the brands who have had to adapt their once iron-tight marketing strategy to a new style of online audience. Where companies once dominated the space with social media posts, ads and homepage pop-ups are now competing in an oversaturated market filled with other brands, both big and small, spending obscene amounts of money in the hope that their content will get just one set of eyes on them. 

It’s no secret that one type of content that has always fared well is video. While many companies have already factored video into their marketing strategy, there are also those that haven’t; sometimes because of tight budgets or not knowing where to start. Then there are the limitations of filming thanks to our new-normal (thanks again, COVID). But rather than throwing in the towel, some are exploring an old friend… animation! 

With such a tiny amount of time to show audiences what you’re about and have to offer, brands need to blow viewers away and give them a reason to buy into what they’re selling. Whether adding it to a website or producing a short for a social media campaign, animation grabs people’s attention and can prove incredibly effective across all sectors if done right. As it’s highly engaging and versatile, a brand can use it to convey a simple message, explain complex concepts or gain brand recognition in a visually appealing and cost-effective way. 


Breathing new life into old content

Re-purposing content is a great place to start if you’re looking to try out animation for the first time. It’s also great if you have a tight budget or need a quick turnaround on a project. If you have some existing content and you want to get the most out of it, adding some animation can make it far more impactful. You have the choice of keeping it as a one-off or developing further content as part of a series of films. Many might be surprised to hear that producing a series has its benefits as the reusable assets and established designs, illustrations, animations, and even sounds can be reused or adapted. As more clips are produced, costs tend to come down quickly. 

Making a mascot

Nothing makes a memorable impression quite like a cute or quirky character. Integrating personable mascots into your brand allows you to explain complex initiatives in a digestible way or promote your brand/ services. Such characters are deliberately larger than life, generating feelings of excitement, shock or humour so that they immediately grab the attention of viewers. Creating these videos around an engaging storyline allows audiences of any age to become emotionally invested in them (think cuddly cartoon pets for young children for example). They can also be produced quickly and conveniently from a single location, keeping costs down.

Explainer videos

Explainer animations are brief videos that provide new customers with an overview of your products or services and how they work. They are highly effective as they allow complex topics to be broken down and presented in a way that is much more engaging than a face-to-face video. Because they are clear, concise and show a solution to a problem in a way that can build empathy, they heavily resonate with audiences. Creating an explainer video can drive brand awareness, generate leads, and increase conversions, and they are also very affordable for brands, giving them an alternative to filming when it is not possible or when real-life filming is not appropriate (or wise). 


When it comes to telling your company’s story, whether it’s through a brand video or creating a more intuitive user interface for your website, animation is a powerful tool that transforms an otherwise mediocre video and captures viewers’ attention.

The possibilities with animation are endless, but with the right client-focused company (ahem) you can create some fantastic content that will have all eyes on you! We’re always happy to talk through ideas and make suggestions to work to any budget so feel free to reach out to us! 

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