Driving conversions through the power of testimonial videos

Did you know that 92% of customers read online reviews before buying?

Did you know that 92% of customers read online reviews before buying? It should come as no surprise seeing as the first thing we do before buying an expensive bit of kit or using a new service is scour the net to see if it’s worth it or it’s a complete waste of time. Where businesses once had the advantage of in-store displays or experienced sales staff to influence customers decisions, a shift to online has flipped people’s buying habits. You only have to look at the success of Amazon to see just how willing people are to buy from the Internet. So, if we’re all just a click away from a purchase, why are businesses still struggling to see conversions? The answer, they aren’t utilising the power of customer feedback.


With so much competition, having a great product or service just isn’t enough anymore. By demonstrating how your product or service can benefit real customers, you can effectively differentiate yourself in a crowded market. If you’ve got customers that are shouting from the rooftops about you, you should be capturing their endorsements and putting them out there for everyone to see. The video testimonial is the most effective video content on the web when it comes to building brand credibility. They help to convert leads because they are seen as genuine and trustworthy since they’re harder to fake. 


Testimonials give credibility and build trust in a brand

In many cases, online customers feel disconnected from a business since they cannot establish trust as they do in-store. Here’s where a testimonial comes in handy! A testimonial, case study, or review serve as examples of real customer experiences that encourage trust and confidence. It also gives prospective clients a better sense of your business, and the positive relationships it has with its customers, so they can decide if it’s right for them. This is particularly important for new website visitors. You want to maximize a customer’s satisfaction by leveraging video testimonials, after all, a happy customer is your best salesperson.


They influence online purchasing decisions

Testimonials are a modern-day word of mouth and as one of the oldest and most profound forms of advertising, It’s still one of the best ways to increase sales and boost your bottom line. When a consumer is in two minds, video testimonials are able to communicate the value of your product or service better than any other medium to push them from a warm lead to a loyal customer. By demonstrating how your product or service helped someone like them in a video, it’s more credible and helps viewers to visualise how it actually works. Better yet, you can explain the benefits and features in greater detail compared to other mediums such as a written product description or a lifestyle image. 


Video is a powerful medium

In short, video converts. People enjoy it, search algorithms favour it and social media rewards it. With Video steaming site Vimeo suggesting 90% of consumers attest to product videos helping them in the decision-making process, businesses should be including it in their marketing strategy. Yes, video can be more time consuming and costly, but the ROI of a video testimonial far exceeds the investment. You can place video testimonials across your website, on your social channels and in your email marketing. They stop people in their tracks on their social feeds, increase click-through rates, and improve search engine optimization (SEO) to win more search traffic. In the end, videos are incredibly effective at getting viewers to take action.


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