Bring your brand to life using highly engaging animation. Perhaps you have some existing content you wish to make more impactful by animating? Or maybe you are after a fresh approach integrating personable mascots to your brand to explain your service? Well we can help.

Animation is great alternative to when filming is not possible. Animated Health and Safety films for example are a great solution, as filming real life scenarios may not be appropriate (or very wise). 😉 

Explainer animations are very popular and highly effecting video solutions as they allow complex subjects to be broken down and presented much clearer and engaging than a face to face video would. By putting your viewer in a protagonists shoes you can build empathy and explain problems and solutions in an effective way. Animation has the power to be a highly emotive communication tool.  

With animation we can create worlds where anything is possible.

The possibilities with animation are vast. But don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

We’re always happy to talk through ideas and make suggestions to work to any budget.

And if you choose to work with us we’ll explain all the steps necessary to building your animation and guide you every step of the way. Setting out clear timeframes, costs and deliverables so you are never left in the dark.

Your animation may be a one off or part of a series of films.

Producing a series has its benefits as there are often reusable assets and established designs, illustrations, animations, and even sounds that can be reused or adapted…

So cost tends to come down quickly as more are produced. 

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