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Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital

A combination of character designs technical explainers on systems in Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital, made in collaboration with the NHS.

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Ministry of Motion Christmas Animation

Check out this case study for insights into our character development, 3D scenery and scriptwriting process!

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Global Awareness Campaign

Raising awareness and promoting action towards improving the lives of people with β-thalassaemia worldwide.

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A combination of character designs and multiple animation outputs designed to share stories.

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MDS Alliance aim to ensure MDS patients have access to the best multi-professional care.

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A set of promotional videos that appeal to their key demographic whilst matching the energetic Oxbridge brand and highlighting their USP.

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3D Dance Party Cover (1)


MoM 3D Dance Party

A fun test of our 3D MoM character rigs and a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into creating 3D character and environment animations!

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87% provide organisations with the evidence to make efficient, impactful decisions, by giving HR, people and teams the tools they need to develop a bespoke wellbeing strategy and initiatives.

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Recycle for Good Causes

We worked with our friends at Headline Media to produce this quick turnaround but rather lovely short animation for Recycling For Good Causes. We LOVE a good cause and this was a project we were more than happy to get behind.

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WMG Intelligent Vehicles

These promotional videos were to be used to encourage industry, government and public engagement.

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Leicester City FC

This animation sequence is the introduction to a wider film surrounding the club’s history in the FA Cup.

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The GCA has a shared vision to raise the awareness of CCA in order to improve prevention, survival and the quality of life of CCA patients globally.

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FireAngel protect, save and improve our customers’ lives by making innovative, cutting-edge technology simple and accessible.

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We’ve produced numerous films for HSBC over the years, from product explainers, internal communications, training resources, and in this case engaging tutorial videos.

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Gruup allows you to ‘share files with style and measure how they work. Allowing you to send files of any type or size and track how your viewers engage with them.’ Simple but brilliant.

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