Cluster Folk


Use this handy After Effects Preset to control a grid of rectangles, and quickly animate them in and out - great for footage split into grids, like Zoom calls!

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How to install Cluster Folk

First, create an empty shape layer to serve as your settings layer (bonus points for naming it!) and apply 'Cluster Folk - Settings' to it. Then create another empty shape layer, name it 'Box 1', and apply 'Cluster Folk - Box' to it. In its Effect Controls, point it to the settings layer. Then duplicate the box layer as much as you like, and change settings in your settings layer. If you want a custom order, that can be set in each box's Effect Controls

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1. Download the Pre-Set

Move the .ffx preset file into: Users\[User]\Documents\Adobe\After Effects [Version]\User Presets\Shapes

02_Refresh (3)



2. Refresh After Effects

In After Effects, open the Effects & Presets window, click the hamburger, and select 'Refresh List'

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3. Start using Circuit Connector!

The preset will be available in Effects & Presets > Animation Presets > User Presets > Shapes

Thanks for checking out this pre-set - if you would like to see our full range of pre-sets and other toolkits, make sure to head over to our Resources page!

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