Grid Snapper


This handy After Effects Preset lets you snap a layer to any grid size, allowing you to eyeball alignments, and be exact every time!

Download Grid Snapper


How to install Grid Snapper

Apply to any layer, setting the number of columns and rows in Effect Controls. Then try dragging the layer around!

01_Install Directory_Transform (2)



1. Download the Pre-Set

Move the .ffx preset file into: Users\[User]\Documents\Adobe\After Effects [Version]\User Presets\Transform

02_Refresh (7)



2. Refresh After Effects

In After Effects, open the Effects & Presets window, click the hamburger, and select 'Refresh List'

03_Use (7)



3. Start using Grid Snapper!

The preset will be available in Effects & Presets > Animation Presets > User Presets > Transform

Thanks for checking out this pre-set - if you would like to see our full range of pre-sets and other toolkits, make sure to head over to our Resources page!

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