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What are Lottie Files?

If you’re looking for new, easy ways to level up your user experience and website engagement, Lottie Files might be just the tool you’re looking for! Lottie is an open-source animation file format that allows for high-quality animations on web platforms, while prioritising scalability and fast load times to maximise your user’s journey. Read on for a deep dive on all things Lottie, and don’t forget to check out our full Resources Library for more insights into animation and creative video!

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Say goodbye to pixelation and hello to a world of endlessly scalable animations. Lottie Files are a vector-based animation format, allowing you to elevate your web design without compromising quality. Unlike traditional raster images or GIFs, Lottie's vector graphics ensure that your animations remain crisp and clear, no matter how much you scale them up.


Editable Assets

Lottie Files allows you to edit animations even after they go live - giving you the flexibility to tweak, refine, and perfect your visuals as and when you need to! With Lottie’s online portal, you can edit colors right from your browser without needing to get into complex coding, meaning your assets can stay relevant and on-brand as your website evolves.

Designer Friendly

Crafted with designers in mind, Lottie integrates with Adobe After Effects, the go-to tool for designers all over the globe. With a designer-friendly workflow, you can transform your AE creations into stunning web-based animations without the need for complicated translations.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Lottie Files excel in cross-platform engagement. Whether your audience prefers to engage with your brand via web browser, IOS or Android, Lotties allow your animations to reach them with full clarity creating a consistently engaging user experience across all platforms and device types.

SEO Optimisation

Lottie Files can also positively impact SEO through several key factors. Firstly, vector-based animation, and therefore smaller file sizes, can influence the overall performance and loading speed of a website, a key factor in SEO rankings.

Secondly, the scalability and cross-platform compatibility of Lottie Files result in a consistent user experience across various devices, which can rank your site higher in terms of SEO.

By adopting Lottie Files, websites can enhance user experience, potentially leading to favourable SEO outcomes based on improved performance metrics.

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Lottie Files provides a practical solution to creating engaging website animations without sacrificing page load times - by using a vector-based approach, Lottie allows for small file sizes that prioritise fast, optimising efficiency without compromising on design.



While there are many positives to using Lottie Files on your web platform, it’s important to also take it’s limitations into account - in particular, exporting your files and integrating interactivity.

Exporting animations to Lottie can sometimes prove tricky - not all animations seamlessly translate into this format and complex designs may require additional work to ensure a smooth transition, resulting in a more complicated export workflow. 

On the interactivity front, using Lottie to create a more immersive user experience does require a certain amount of coding knowledge, and may be best used by those with a background in web development. For an easier journey into interactive web elements, check out our deep dive on RIVE animations and their benefits!




In conclusion, Lottie Files have emerged as a powerful tool for enhancing web experiences through dynamic and scalable animations. This vector-based format ensures clarity and flexibility in design, allowing for seamless editing even after animations go live. While the integration with Adobe After Effects makes it designer-friendly, Lottie's cross-platform compatibility also ensures a consistent and engaging user experience across a diverse range of devices.

However, it's essential to acknowledge the limitations associated with Lottie Files, particularly in the areas of exporting and interactivity. Exporting animations may pose challenges, especially for intricate designs, and achieving interactivity requires a certain level of coding knowledge, making it more suitable for those with a background in web development.

Despite these considerations, using Lottie Files is still a great way for companies to stay ahead of the competition, offering users better experiences and benefiting from faster load speeds. At Ministry of Motion, we are committed to staying at the forefront of creative solutions, always on the lookout to provide our clients with the edge they need. For even more ways to stay ahead of the curve, check out our Resources Library including an insight into using Rive and GIFs in your online strategy - and as always, if you need any help with bringing moving image magic to your next campaign, you can reach us at hello@ministryofmotion.tv.

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